A Different Purpose.  A Different Impact.  A Different Career.

At Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants we view the opportunity to serve our clients as a singular honor, helping them steward their resources to free them up to focus on building their legacy in this life and the next. To accomplish these unique goals requires unique people.  Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants are in search of professionals to join our team who seek to use their career in support of a mission and vision larger than themselves. Our vision is for our team members to feel valued, equipped and empowered to make an impact through their work in the lives of our clients; and, through our clients, to the world at large.

We strive to honor the dignity of the family and enable our employees to build their own legacies.

Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants team members enjoy the opportunity to work alongside highly competent and talented professionals who excel at their work and share their same values and sense of purpose. This is key to why many have not only joined Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants, but why they are choosing to build their careers here.


We have determined distinct core values by which we guide and 

build our firm. It is through these ideals that we weigh decisions, 

measure outcomes and determine behavior.

We strive to treat everyone with dignity, fairness, and respect; from our employees to our clients.

We embed in our daily disciplines the adherence to outstanding standards in all ways as we serve clients, serve the community, and serve as a firm.

We believe that leadership involves treating others with respect, and advocating for the success of others. The quality of a leader is exhibited in the growth of those they serve.

We promote a sense of balance and harmony between work and rest in our own lives, and in the lives of our employees and clients.

We are committed to providing all clients with a level of service and quality that is unparalleled in the industry.

We strive to be wise stewards of the financial, reputational, relational, and human resources entrusted to us and our clients.

We work cooperatively as a team toward a common cause, understanding that when one member succeeds, we all succeed.

Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants seek to empower our clients, assisting them to live enriched lives and achieve financial peace of mind. The same applies to our people.

We believe in supporting and encouraging the health and welfare of our team members and their families by recognizing the importance of balancing work demands with personal life needs. We want to invest in and enhance the quality of life for our team members and offer a competitive compensation and benefit package including traditional and non-traditional benefits.





Traditional Benefits

Our firm offers market competitive group medical, dental, vision, and life insurance along with additional voluntary benefits such as flexible spending accounts and retirement plan options.

Paid Time Off Programs

We recognize the importance of balancing work demands with personal life needs. We teach this tenet to our clients and we desire the same for our team members. We seek ways to enhance the quality of life for our employees and offer extensive Paid Time Off to eligible employees in support of this goal including:

Flexible Paid Time Off Program - This plan covers traditional types of time off including vacation time, holidays, time off for short-term illnesses, etc.

Mission Days - For team members desiring to serve on mission-related projects Paid Time Off hours may be redeemed on a 1 for 2 basis.

Financial Support Services

As a financial services firm, we deeply understand the importance of personal finance management and its impact on physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore we provide support and financial assistance for:

Financial Planning - Available through our Everyday Steward division.

Income Tax Preparation - Available through Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants, LLP.

A Different Purpose.  A Different Impact.  A Different Career.

Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants are continually seeking to grow our team with uniquely gifted and qualified individuals who are both professionally excellent and committed to our mission. We look for candidates who are not only talented and passionate about their work, but also drawn to the distinct opportunities our firm offers. We are committed to building teams with professionally excellent individuals who share a passion for objectively and thoughtfully serving clients from a biblical perspective.

Current Opportunities

Growth in our firm creates new opportunities to serve clients or provide support services in strategic and functional areas across the firm and across the country. We invite you to learn more about these current opportunities for which we are seeking others to join us in our unique mission. 

Search Current Opportunities

Future Opportunities

We also desire to begin relationships with qualified applicants who may be considered for future opportunities, even though the need and timing of joining our firm is uncertain.  If there is not a current opportunity for which you would like to be considered at this time, please submit your resume to be considered for future opportunities.