Professional Athletes

As a professional athlete, you face many unique challenges when it comes to your taxes. At Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants, we have a designated team that has over 25 years of specializing in professional athlete tax returns. Beyond the complication of filing multiple state returns, we are able to help educate you on which sport related expenses are tax deductible, enabling you to take advantage of the greatest tax savings possible.

If you are a client of Ronald Blue Trust, our firm can work with their Professional Athlete Division and their financial advisors to ensure that we have a strong grasp on your entire financial picture. The Professional Athlete Division provides a full service financial package customized specifically for professional athletes. We invite you to contact the Professional Athlete Division to learn more about these services. (Note: Ronald Blue Trust is a division of Thrivent Trust Company. Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants is not an affiliate of Ronald Blue Trust or any of its affiliates.)


If you have a question and don’t see it answered below, please feel free to ask it here.

Q. Who is the “typical” Everyday Steward client?

The typical client desires to make wise financial decisions and follow biblical principles of stewardship, but their financial situation is not complex. Rather than be a “smaller fish in a big pond,” you want to be served by someone who values your relationship and is familiar with the everyday financial issues you face and goals you have. You want an advisor who can evaluate your entire financial picture, even when addressing a single financial issue.

We’re not right for you if you . . . are looking for a brokerage company just to buy or sell your investments, want to speculate or “time” the markets, prefer to work on a commission rather than a fee basis, are indifferent to working with an advisor with a biblical perspective, and don’t want to delegate your investment management. In addition, if you have high income, have built a significant net worth, or have an estate situation that would pass on significant wealth to your family or others, your place is not in the Everyday Steward division, but in the Private Wealth division that works with people with more complex situations.

Q. How do you know if you need a financial planner?

The following questions can help you determine your need for professional financial counsel:

  1. Do you have written financial goals related to your life purpose?
  2. Are you managing your cash flow effectively?
  3. Are you making the right investments?
  4. Are you on track towards saving for the future?
  5. Are you prepared for the impact of death or disability upon you or your family?

If you answered "no" or "I don't know" to any of these questions, then you could benefit from the services of a financial planner.

Q. What is the cost for a financial plan?

Our hourly rates are $200/hour and depend on the scope of the work performed. An Everyday Steward advisor will provide a quote based on the number of hours we estimate it will take to do your plan. You are charged only the fee quoted even if the plan requires more hours than originally estimated.

Below is an overview of how much time is typically required for a financial plan:

Analysis of ONE of the following areas: (1-3 HOURS):
1) General Questions, 2) Budgeting, 3) Goal Setting, 4) Tax Estimate, 5) College Education, 6) General Overview Detailed Financial Analysis, which may include the above areas and an additional 5-12 HOURS: 1) Cash Flow Analysis, 2) Retirement Analysis, 3) Investment Analysis, 4) Life Insurance Analysis, 5) Basic Estate Counsel

Q. How do I know if my needs match your services?

After receiving your personal financial information, we will contact you to discuss how we can be of service and give you an idea of the time and cost that would be involved, so you can decide whether or not to move forward.

Q. What if I am dissatisfied?

You can terminate your relationship with us at any time by giving the advisor 30 days’ written notice. If you are a financial planning client, we simply do not charge for any work not meeting your expectations. If you are an investment management client, your fee is prorated to the time that your accounts with us are closed.

Q. How often will you contact me?

Each client situation is unique. Our goal is your financial peace of mind, therefore we are committed to contacting you as often as needed.

Q. What does a financial plan delivery look like?

Typically, you will be provided with your written financial plan (recommendations, supporting information, etc.) which we will review with you in detail. For comprehensive planning, the delivery time could be two hours or more. If we are discussing a single issue or financial concern, the conversation could be as short as 30 minutes.

Q. What qualifications do Everyday Steward advisors have?

Many of the Everyday Steward advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals or Certified Public Accountants (CPA). The CFP® mark is the most widely recognized standard in the financial planning industry. To learn more about the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification go to

Q. How often do we revisit the plan if we are engaging in the financial planning process?

This depends on your situation. Because we work on an hourly basis, we can structure the initial work and the subsequent follow-up or updates as your situation warrants or as you prefer.

Q. What happens when the work for the financial plan is completed?

We provide a survey form for your feedback on our process and services. We also ask if you would like us to follow up with you at a future date. You are welcome to contact us anytime a question arises or when it is time to review your situation and progress.

Q. What does an investment management portfolio look like?

Each individual client portfolio is based upon client goals, financial situation, risk tolerance, and life stage. Usually portfolios are diversified across multiple asset classes using mutual funds. Typically, our minimum investment is $100,000.

Q. What does it cost to have you manage my portfolio?

The Everyday Steward Investment Management fee is an annual management fee billed quarterly in advance (typically from the account) and is prorated over the time period you work with us. The actual fee will be detailed in your Advisory Agreement.

Q. Who picks the investments?

Our Investment Strategy Group selects and monitors the approved investments used in our firm investment portfolios. Your personal advisor works with you to implement the appropriate portfolios based on your investment goals and objectives. The Investment Strategy Group focuses on investments while your financial advisor focuses on you. The two of these knowledge bases have merged together to implement a portfolio suitable for your situation.

Q. Do you use only mutual funds and ETFs?

Our goals are to have professionally managed investment alternatives that provide liquidity and diversification. Most Everyday Steward portfolios consist of no-load mutual funds and ETFs.

Q. What if I don’t live near an Everyday Steward office?

Everyday Steward advisors currently serve clients in almost all 50 states. Seventy percent of our clients are not local to an existing office, but are served with ease through electronic communication and the phone. We do invite you to review our locations and to feel free to contact an advisor who may be close to you or based in our main office in Atlanta, Georgia.