Our story spans the decades and includes significant and strategic business relationships shaped by our strong heritage and built to continue our legacy.

1937 – Balser, Horowitz, Frank, & Wakeling CPA practice is established in Long Beach, California.

1979 – Ronald Blue & Co. is founded in Atlanta, Georgia to provide comprehensive financial strategies based on biblical wisdom that seeks to empower clients to live enriched lives.

1986 – Ronald Blue & Co. opens a Tax and Business Services Division to serve the growing needs of its clients in Atlanta, Georgia.

1992 – Ronald Blue & Co expands and opens office in Phoenix, Arizona.

1993 – Ronald Blue & Co. continues expansion and opens an office in Orange County, California to serve clients on the West Coast.

2000 – In effort to expand its tax practice and better serve the growing West Coast clientele, Ronald Blue & Co. acquires Balser, Horowitz, Frank, & Wakeling as part of the Tax and Business Services Division. Also, in this same year, the headquarters for the CPA practice is moved to Orange County, California.

2011 – Ronald Blue & Co. opens its third Tax and Business Services office to serve the developing professional athlete business in the Phoenix, Arizona location.

2014 – Due to continued growth and expansion of its Tax and Business Services Division, Ronald Blue & Co. incorporates the division into a full service CPA firm and titles the name Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants.

2015 – Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants opens its fourth office in Knoxville, Tennessee extending the firm’s reach of delivering excellent client service and building strong relationships.

Success Story

We have our own success story – people with a vision and a mission. Learn more about our founders, our founding principles, and how those have shaped us into the firm we are today.

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Atlanta Office
1600 RiverEdge Parkway
Suite 310
Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: 770.644.0500
Fax: 770.882.2567

Professionals for this Location

Atlanta Office

The Atlanta office first began in 1986, offering tax and business services to Ronald Blue & Co. clientele. To focus on expansion, along with providing a more personal service and expertise to the office’s growing clientele, David Hogan was named Managing Director in 2007. Under his direction, the office has continually grown in size and impact since then.  

In 2019, David was named Managing Partner for the firm as a whole and now provides oversight and guidance to all four offices.

With clients in almost every state, our professionals have the breadth of expertise to answer almost any tax question or serve any tax need that may arise.  The office serves more than 2,000 clients, making it Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs and Consultants' largest office.

Headquarters Address:
1551 North Tustin Avenue
Suite 1000
Santa Ana, CA 92705